The ability to provide exceptional service and quality products is a major goal at Teinert Metals. The sales staff has over 100 years of combined experience that provides customers with a strong comprehensive knowledge of the steel and metal industry, and the warehouse staff and delivery drivers are efficient in making sure material gets to customers in a timely manner. All employees at Teinert Metals are dedicated to offering friendly and knowledgeable service to all customers every time.


As an added convenience for their customers, Teinert Metals is also able to offer in-house saw-cutting services.  With three automatic saws and capabilities to cut material up to 24” in diameter or 30” wide, Teinert Metals can provide customers with the option to have material cut onsite to the specific lengths required by their specific job requirements.  This service allows for a streamlined and efficient process in getting customers what they need in a timely manner.



Friendly West Texas Service is a priority at Teinert Metals.  Our customers represent a wide range of industries including:  agriculture, construction, manufacturing, oil-field supply, and several others.  This diverse customer base extends from the Permian Basin up through the Texas Panhandle and over into Eastern New Mexico.  With a fleet of over 18 delivery trucks, Teinert Metals is able to offer free delivery to these areas on a regular basis and the company always welcomes the opportunity to expand its service area to help meet new customers’ needs.